Yonex Team Tennis Backpack Review

The Yonex Team Tennis Backpack is a convenient, easy-to-carry tennis backpack for bringing the essentials to the court. The bag has a simple yet sleek design that is not overly flashy but has an attractive, modern look. Yonex has been around the tennis game for a long time and knows what tennis players need. This backpack gives players all the essential components of a top-tier tennis bag but keeps it in a small package that makes it easy to transport between home and the court. If you are looking for a bag that you can grab and go without being a process to pack or carry around, the Yonex Team Tennis Backpack may be the right fit.

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Dimensions: 24”H x 14”L x 4.5”W
Compartments: 2 Main Compartments
Racket Capacity: 2 Tennis Rackets
Pockets: 1 Ventilated Front Pocket, 2 Side Mesh Pockets

Storage Capacity

The Yonex Team Tennis Backpack is not boasting the utmost in storage capacity. Rather, they are providing a lightweight option for you to carry the essentials to the court. The racket compartment has room for two rackets and includes a separator sleeve to prevent your racket frames from knocking against each other. 

The main storage compartment has sufficient room for a change of clothes and personal belongings like your phone, keys, or wallet. There is not a ton of room in this compartment, but it has sufficient room for the necessities.

The ventilated front pocket is a great spot for a pair of shoes or your sweaty apparel post-match. The amount of equipment you stash into the main compartment will compromise the storage space of the ventilated front pocket and vice versa, but it is sufficient for light transport.

The two side mesh pockets are an ideal spot for a water bottle and a can of balls. 


This backpack is a relatively simple tennis bag with no surprises. Each compartment/pocket does not have any internal pockets outside of the separator sleeve installed in the back racket compartment. 

The shoulder straps are comfortably padded, as is the back of the bag, for added support and ease of transport. The bag also has a top grab handle that allows you to easily hang the backpack on locker room hooks. 

The front pocket is nicely ventilated, which reduces the amount of moisture and odor build-up while your post-match equipment rests in your bag during transit.

The racket compartment zippers lock in place when zipped up and exposing the handles of your tennis rackets. This is a handy feature that allows for peace of mind during transit. Knowing that your racket compartment will not begin to peel open provides comfort while they are slung over your shoulders. 

The tennis backpack is available in black, blue, and red.

Final Thoughts

The Yonex Team Tennis Backpack is a great bag for the light transport of your essential equipment to and from the court. Being one of the giants of the tennis world, Yonex understands what tennis players need from a bag, and delivers those necessities in a compact, easy to carry, package. 

The simple yet modern design does not command your attention but still looks classy and stylish. The compartments and pockets provide enough storage space for your essential equipment but will not accommodate an entire locker’s worth of gear. Yonex had ease of function and swiftness in mind when designing this backpack. 

All in all, the Yonex Team Tennis Backpack is a fantastic option if you are looking for a sleek bag that can be packed quickly and ready to take to the court in a matter of seconds. If all you need is room for two rackets, a change of clothes, and a few accessories, this backpack might be the ideal fit for you.

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