Top 5 Best Tennis Bags For Women in 2022

While traditionally we talk about the big tennis bags, this article is more about the different kinds of totes, backpacks, and more for women. You can use these in combination with one another, or if you only have a few rackets, just use one. 

Some of these options will come from the best tennis racket manufacturers in the world, but there are a few design options that look cute and serve their purpose just as well. 

This is the list of the top 5 tennis bags for women right now! 

Here is what you need to know. 

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Knowing What You Need

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a bag or multiple is figuring out what your needs are. If you need to store food and keep it cold, you are going to look at something entirely different than just a drawstring backpack from Adidas. 

Because of this, your bags to choose from will offer different things. Totes are going to be a cute way to bring a medium-sized bag that fits all your things together without needing to upgrade for the large tennis bag. 

Backpacks are even smaller and can transport just two rackets to practice if that’s all you need. They’ll also have some room for tennis balls, your water, possibly food, and in best-case scenarios, space for your shoes and dirty clothes. 

Let’s talk about some of these specific qualities that can solve some of your problems. 

Let’s talk about it. 


This is where your preferences will kick in. As mentioned, some bags will offer something completely different from another bag, and that’s why exploring all your options is a great idea. What’s important to you won’t be important to someone else. 

Sometimes the only difference will be color and style, and sometimes it will be having extra space or not. This will first be determined by what type of bag you are getting. 

Here are the common features of tennis bags. 

Mesh Pockets

Mesh pockets are great for dividing up your small items from your larger items. They will provide little see-through spaces so you can easily locate your headphones, grips, dampeners, and more. 

Depending on the style of the bag, it could be on the inside of a compartment or on the outside of a backpack. 

Cooling Technology

This is such a great quality of many different types of bags. You will commonly find this technology in larger bags because its primary function is to store food and water in hotter climates. 

It is, however, incorporated in some other types of bags like backpacks, totes, and duffles. It’s just less common. 

Shoe Compartments

Having dirty shoes and dirty clothes can be really messy for a bag, especially if you don’t have a place to put them. Nowadays, many bags try to make up for this by offering ventilation components made just for this problem.

Quick Drying Materials

We definitely don’t want the insides of our bags getting wet, but it’s virtually impossible to keep the outside from taking on humidity and any wet conditions considering a lot of us play outside.

That’s why having good material that protects the bag’s insides and refrains from absorbing moisture is a positive quality to look for. 

Padding Everywhere

One of the most important things you need to consider when getting a bag is its support system and how much padding it has to offer. Bags can get heavy no matter how big or small they are, and making sure it’s not causing extra stress on your body is important. 

The Top 5 Best Women’s Tennis Bags 2022

With that being said, those factors above will determine what is important to you and what is not. Maybe a shoe compartment isn’t a big deal to you, or maybe it’s an absolute must. 

These bags are trendy, practical, and a lot of fun. 

Check out our top 5 tennis bags below! 

1. Glove It Tennis Backpack Bag Ta Dot

Glove It is a brand you probably haven’t heard of before, but their bags are for the tennis fashionista that only needs something to carry a few things. The Glove Tennis Backpack bag Ta Dot is a cute bag that looks like Minnie Mouse would use if she were going to play some tennis. 

It’s really meant to just carry one racket for those who are more casual players and don’t need to worry about breaking strings too often. However, just because it only holds one racket doesn’t mean it’s no good. 

It has several compartments on the inside with dividers to keep your things organized and even a latch for your car keys specifically because we all know that is the first thing we lose when putting things into our bag. 

It has adjustable straps meaning you can wear it like a backpack or even carry it like a sling-style purse on your bag by converting it to one. 

The Breakdown:

  • For its boutique-style look and its functionality, this is a cute option for the casual player. 
  • Quick grip handles make it easy to pick up on the go or adjust them to wear it like a backpack or a sling over your shoulder. 
  • Has functional components separating small items from larger items. 
  • Good storage space for a one-racket bag. 

2. Ame and Lulu Love All Court Bag Pink Love

A second bag that gets the job done just like the top but doesn’t need any high-tech performance is the Ame and Lulu Love All Court Bag Pink Love. 

Similar to the above when it comes to not needing much but a place to hold your rackets and a few things. However, do so while looking cute! This is an easy over-the-shoulder tote that can store two rackets and has some room for other things.  

It does have its own zip pocket to store the smaller items because a big black hole isn’t fun for anyone. But this is a simpler option, more on the designer side. 

The Breakdown:

  • Stylish tote bag on the higher end of pricing but works if you only need to transport two rackets.
  • Rackets are separated from the rest with a small zip pocket for your accessories. 
  • The purpose is style points and an easy way to transport a few things to and from practice. 

3. Cinda b. Tennis Tote, Purely Peacock

If what you are looking for is a tennis bag that is stylish and functional at the same time then you are in the right place. Available in a beautiful Purely Peacock color, it is made from poly/nylon blend which ensures that it can stand through everyday use while not sacrificing its convenience. Thus, you will be carrying a lightweight bag that is water and resistant. One of the coolest points is that it comes with a couple of carrying options including a front handle as well as an adjustable strap if padded with EVA foam.

It is set at 15 by 5 by 15 inches in size and offers great capacity. Firstly, you are getting a spacious inner compartment with a single zipped pouch in which you can put a variety of your essentials such as a wallet, mobile phone, car keys, etc. In addition to that, Cinda b. includes two exterior pockets that come with the same zipped mechanism and are suitable for storing away two professional racquets. Last but certainly not least are the side compartments that you can use to put away your Gatorade or water bottles. Overall, it is a fancy and travel-friendly tennis bag that you won’t regret.

The Breakdown:

  • Available in an attractive Purely Peacock color
  • Comes with a spacious inner compartment
  • Features external compartments for two professional racquets
  • Offers two side pockets for water/Gatorade bottles
  • Made of poly/nylon blend for enhanced durability

4. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag

Who doesn’t want to look like Maria Sharapova? That’s why you need her  Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffle Bag in one of its beautiful colors. They offer so much practicality and function they make the perfect medium-sized bag for anyone looking to add to their current career or replace it. 

Black is a striking color, but they also offer various other collections like blue, purple, red, etc. 

This durable woven bag will be able to store not only a few rackets for you but also your other must-haves like your shoes, extra clothes, balls, water, and more. There are dividers on the inside to make it easy to keep things separate.

It also has an awesome ventilated pocked that keeps dirty shoes and clothes completely separate from the rest of your things. This is an awesome feature considering it is a duffle bag. 

The Breakdown:

  • A stylish way to pair up certain bags when traveling. Easy to fit on planes and great to take to practice. 
  • This bag has carrying handles which make it easy to pick up on the go and easy to transport around. 
  • Great option for something in between large and small bag sizes. 

5. Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-Pack

If you need some big and want to sports a more traditional look, then look no further than the Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-pack. This is a legitimate 12-pack tennis bag that screams traditional Adidas with red, black, and white with stripes. If you prefer black and white, they have that too. 

This bag has two large insulated storage spaces that keeps bad weather out when you need it to. 

The top portion of the back can be zipped open and be stored for dirty clothes or dirty shoes. This is important for serious tennis players that are often changing their shoes and clothes when getting off the courts. 

The portion that can hold your dirty clothes and shoes is called Freshpak and is a ventilated system so that it doesn’t only hold your gross things but also ventilates them to keep the bag from getting gross itself. 

With UltraRide padded shoulders and a back panel to offer comfort and support, you can be sure to keep injuries away, which is important for players. You also won’t lose your little things with small mesh pockets to store them safely. 

The Breakdown:

  • Affordable price with high-quality materials makes it a win on and off the court. 
  • Classic Adidas sports look to match any style of other bags or backpacks you may have. 
  • A lot of storage space for all your different needs. 
  • They have lined technology to keep your rackets from being exposed to adverse weather conditions. 

Girl Power!

So now that you know some of the best options out there for women’s tennis bags, you can either choose one from our list or explore a few similar styles and options. A good tennis bag will meet all your needs, and everyone’s needs as competitors are different. 

Having said that, it never hurts to have a little style on the court, and any of these bags are going to offer you style points just for having one of those bags. 

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