Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag Review

It’s no secret that when a new tennis racket is launched, it pretty much always comes with a new bag. The bag is an essential part of your equipment set, and if you are dedicated to the sport, then you’ll likely have plenty of stuff with you on the court. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag, which is a relatively new bag on the market. If you take a look at some of the larger online tennis equipment retailers, you’ll see that the prices differ quite a bit between brands, often for good reason. 

Some brands make flimsy bags that are better used when shopping than on the court, while others are built sturdy and solid, like a suitcase. Let’s have a look at the Babolat Pure Drive, which falls into the latter category. 

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Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag

The Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag comes in a two-tone blue shade. It’s dark blue on one side and light blue on the other, and overall, the bag is very pleasing to look at. The light blue side comes with a large pocket for your accessories, while the dark blue side features a smaller, molded side pocket. 

You’ll find three main compartments on the Pure Drive, and of these, the two in the interior boast isothermal protection. You can easily fit four rackets in each of the side compartments, but if you needed to squeeze in a fifth, you’d be able to do so. The middle can hold about 8 rackets, but you’ll probably be putting clothes, shoes, and other items in there. 

At the bottom of the middle compartment, you’ll find an opening in which you can place shoes or wet towels, clothes, and so on. This compartment goes into the center compartment and is made from clear plastic, allowing you to see what is in it so that you don’t forget to take your wet items out. But, of course, we all know the smell that would cause. 

You’ll also find a shoe bag attached to the side pocket, which is detachable and easy to fold and store. It works well for dirty shoes. 

On the upper side of the Pure Drive bag, there are two backpack straps, which are fully padded and adjustable. There is also a grab handle at the bottom, as well as two handles in the upper side midsection. 

The Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack bag’s overall build quality is quite impressive, and it will be able to withstand quite a lot of abuse. 

Who is This Product For?

The Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag design is suited to pretty much anyone who sets foot on a tennis court. However, it would probably be most useful in the hands of professional players and tennis coaches that teach a large group of students at once since it has the capacity to hold up to 12 rackets. 

It is also great for those who just want to have as much carrying room in their tennis bag as possible. It has plenty of pockets for you to store your items in, like your shoes, towel, clothes, and water, and the addition of the plastic compartment for storing your wet items is a major bonus. 

If you’re looking for convenient portability, then the Pure Drive has you covered, thanks to its fully padded and adjustable backpack straps, making carrying the bag around super easy and comfortable. This bag is also great for anyone that values appearances, with its stylish two-tone blue design. 


  • Ventilated exterior tunnel pocket for dirty gear and shoes
  • Three main compartments
  • Isothermal Protected pocket to prevent string tension loss
  • Large side accessory pocket with internal organization
  • Removable shoe sack
  • Small molded side accessory pocket
  • Grab handles at middle and end
  • Padded, adjustable backpack straps

As you can clearly see, the Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag was designed to hold as much of your equipment as possible while still being lightweight and compact to allow for easy transportation. The addition of the Isothermal Protection pocket was a fantastic touch, in our opinion, as it prevents your racket strings from losing their tension while in your bag.

The removable shoe sack is a great addition as well, as it allows you to store your shoes separately from your other items, as they are probably dirty by the time you’ve finished playing. This ensures that you don’t dirty your clothes, towel, and the rest of the bag. Finally, the small molded side accessory pocket provides even more protection for your more fragile items, like your phone or smartwatch. 

Once you’ve experienced the benefit of the ventilated exterior tunnel pocket, you’ll never want to use another bag without one. We all know how much a bag can start to smell, even after just a few hours, once we’ve put our dirty or wet clothes, towel, or shoes in it. It’s pretty gross. 

This ventilated pocket helps mitigate that problem by allowing air to flow through the bag and ensuring that things don’t start to get fragrant. It’s a great addition that you won’t be able to live without. 

What’s more, since this compartment is made of clear plastic, you’ll never forget any items in your bag again, since you’ll always be able to see them when you open the bag to retrieve things like your rackets and other accessories. 


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Stylish design
  • Ventilated pocket
  • Isothermal Protection to prevent string tension loss
  • Adjustable backpack straps


  • Not suited for smaller equipment sets
  • Not very budget-friendly

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack Tennis Bag is a fantastic option for anyone that’s looking for plenty of real estate in the equipment bag and who appreciates innovative, new features. It’s a great option for tennis coaches and solo players alike, though if you’re working on a budget, you might want to look elsewhere. 

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