Glove It Tennis Backpack for Women Review

With around two dozen different patterns to choose from, Glove It had style in mind when they introduced this bag to their lineup. Whether you are looking for a simple, single-color design or something with a little more pizzaz, the Glove It Tennis Backpack for Women has a bag to match your style. 

The draw point of the bag is its many color options and styles, but it also boasts some functionality as well. It has the capacity for two racquets, as well as room for your shoes, balls, and a change of clothes. The bag is obviously geared towards the more fashion-minded tennis player, but it holds its own as a bag for practical usage.

Table of Contents


Dimensions: 12”L x 7”W x 20”H
Racquet Capacity: 2 Tennis Racquets
Compartments: 2 Main Compartments
Pockets: 1 Front Pocket, 1 Rear Pocket, and 1 Mesh Side Pocket

Storage Capacity

The Glove It Tennis Backpack for Women has two main compartments – one for your racquets and one for the rest of your equipment. The racquet compartment has space to fit two racquets comfortably, and the parallel compartment is where you can store the rest of your tennis gear, and it has a nice inner sleeve where you can secure your shoes. 

The pockets on the front and rear of the bag are a nice spot for personal belongings, a sleeve of balls, or some of your smaller paraphernalia. While it doesn’t boast the biggest storage capacity for bags of similar size, it will certainly get the job done and allow you to carry your necessary equipment from home to the court and back. The mesh side pocket is a great place to carry your water bottle or an extra sleeve of balls.


The bag’s attention grabber is certainly its many designs and colors. This doesn’t mean that the bag isn’t a practical carrier of tennis equipment, but that wasn’t the main focus for the manufacturer. The bag is designed with style in mind. 

The backpack straps can be zipped together to form a single shoulder strap which is a cool function. The straps do not offer a lot of support, however, so if your bag is on the heavier side, it may be a bit of a strenuous carry. Additionally, the padding on the back of the bag is very slim. If your bag contains some bulkier items, it might become an uncomfortable transport. 

The bag has a name tag slot so you can be sure which bag is yours (although it’s unlikely there will be any confusion). The bag also comes with a hidden top hook so you can easily hang your bag in the locker rooms or on the chain-link fence surrounding the court.

The bag is made of nylon and claims to be tear-resistant, so you can carry your equipment in style for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Aimed more towards the stylish weekend player than the serious tournament competitor, this bag still has the compartments and pockets necessary to hold all of your belongings. If you are a serious player, there are other bags at this price point that will carry your gear in a more comfortable and practical setup. There are likely no bags, however, that will match your outfit or turn heads in the clubhouse, quite like the Glove It Tennis Backpack for Women. 

With around a dozen colors and designs to choose from, there is a pattern to match every style. 

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