Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag Review

Nike’s sleek new tennis duffel bag offers a practical option for carrying and storing your tennis gear. This mid-sized bag holds more than just your racquet, with compartments for shoes, balls, refreshments, and all your accessories. The bag is not only functional, but the smooth design will keep you looking good while your play does the talking.

Coming in at a medium-size, the bag strikes an ideal balance between practicality and functionality. While not too big, whereas squeezing through doors becomes an issue, the bag still offers ample room for a couple of rackets alongside the rest of your gear. 

Table of Contents


Dimensions: 19”L X 10”W X 30”H
Compartments: 1 Main Compartment – 1 Ventilated Shoe Compartment
Pockets: 1 Specialized Interior Pocket – 1 Front Exterior Pocket
Pouches: 2 Padded Interior Sleeves – 1 Side Pouch – 1 Internal Mesh Pouch
Racket Capacity: 1-2 Rackets


The bag’s interior features one main compartment for all your gear as well as a ventilated shoe compartment to keep your aromatic shoes separate from the rest of your belongings and well-ventilated all the while. The bag may not look as big as your traditional tennis bag, but don’t let looks deceive you – this bag has a surprising amount of space for all of your equipment. 

The specialized interior pocket keeps your rackets safe and secure. The padded interior sleeves provide additional racquet protection for your peace of mind. The front exterior pocket affords additional storage space for any items you want to keep separate from the main compartment of your bag.

The internal mesh pouch is perfect for your personal belongings – keys, wallet, phone, etc. The side pouch and interior sleeves offer added storage for your accessories. All in all, the amount of storage that this bag offers is a pleasant surprise. Without being bulky or obnoxious, this bag provides enough storage for any amateur player.


The Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag features a durable polyester twill design, and the coated bottom panel helps to protect against moisture. The moisture protection is a handy feature for when gear gets accidentally left inside the bag longer than intended. While not foolproof, the coated bottom panel offers extra protection against moisture collection and stench development. 

The bag also features a snap-top closure to make it a more comfortable carry. Whether you prefer to carry the bag with one hand or sling it over your shoulder, the bag is comfortable to tote around from court to court. With the sleek black design, the bag will not only keep all of your belongings secure, but it will keep you looking classy all the while.

The Verdict

The Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag packs a big punch in a mid-sized package. With ample room for rackets, clothing, shoes, and accessories, you will have no problem fitting all of your equipment into this new bag. The sleek design keeps your style up to date without sacrificing any of the functionality. 

The ventilated shoe compartment keeps your sneakers fresh and separate from the rest of your equipment. The coated bottom panel provides extra moisture protection, which helps guard against mold growth and keeps your gear fresh. As far as tennis duffel bags go, it’s hard to do much better than this.

If you carry more than two rackets, this bag may not be able to accommodate your storage needs, but if you only lug one or two rackets with you to the court, then this bag just might be the one for you. The classy design and numerous pockets/pouches strike the right balance between character and functionality. 

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