Roger Federer DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag Review

Introducing the flagship bag of Wilson’s collection, the Roger Federer DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag. With room for up to 12 tennis racquets, this bag can hold everything you need, giving yourself the best chance of succeeding on the court. While not the biggest bag in Wilson’s collection (Super Tour 15 & Super Tour Pro Staff 15), this year’s edition has ample room. Available in the Infrared (black and red) color scheme as well as in all black, it looks every part a superb tour-level bag. 

This bag is the crown of Wilson’s jewels, but does the product match the hype?

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 Before we dig into what’s great about this bag and where we’d like to see some improvement, let’s first take a look at exactly what you get with this bag.

Dimensions: 30”L X 15”W X 13.5” H
Capacity: 12 Racquets
Compartments: 2 Main Compartments
Pockets: 2 Exterior Pockets, 1 Accessory Pocket


The Roger Federer DNA 12 Pack Bag has an elegant design and a simple layout. The pockets are all easy to access, and the bag’s material is strong and durable. This bag will last. The bag features matte polyurethane molded side panels that are sure to keep your equipment protected while in transit. The main compartments are lined with Thermoguard to protect your belongings from extreme heat, so no need to worry about harming the bag when it’s time to pack away your red-hot racquet.

The bag comes fitted with padded ergonomic backpack straps for your comfort, as well as a sternum strap for added support. Wilson has also added a snap-top closure to make sure your belongings don’t tumble out of the bag when you open one of the main compartments. 

And of course, no Roger Federer bag would be complete without his iconic signature branding on the side.


The bag has the name and the look to be recognized as one of the elite options on the market, but does it have the functionality to match?

While the bag boasts the ability to store 12 racquets, the reality is you won’t be able to fit this many if you want to take other equipment with you. The compartments are a tight squeeze for 6 racquets apiece, let alone if you want to pack shoes or a change of clothes on match day. Having a dedicated compartment for shoes is something that this bag leaves to be desired.

The polyurethane side panels of the bag give it a very durable feel and peace of mind that your racquets are secure. The bag is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you are paying for a well-built, long-lasting carrier (as well as the Federer signature and brand). The bag’s zipper functionality has also been improved from previous versions.

The padded backpack straps and added sternum strap make this bag a comfortable carry and give you the support your back and shoulders need to avoid any strains before you even step on the court. The bag will not only look good on your back, but it will feel comfortable as well.

The exterior side pockets are big enough to store a couple of sleeves of balls and have an interior mesh pocket where you can store some of your personal belongings like your phone, wallet, and keys. The accessory pocket on the top of the bag has a Thermoguard lining as well and would be a great spot for a water bottle or light snack.

Final Thoughts

The premier bag of Wilson’s collection is a must-have item for the Federer fanatics. The bag is made of top-quality material and, coupled with its Thermoguard features, will keep your equipment safe both in transit and sitting on the court. The ergonomic backpack design also makes it a comfortable carry to and from practice or matches. The Infrared color scheme, as well as the pure black look, are sleek and stylish. 

The addition of a shoe compartment would be a nice touch. The bag can feel a bit cramped if you try to fit 8-10 racquets alongside the rest of your gear. A more realistic capacity for this bag would be about 6 racquets to fit all your equipment comfortably. 

All in all, this is a top-tier bag, and it provides good value for the price. The signature on the side might well be the deciding factor on whether you purchase it or not, but rest assured that this bag is a quality build. It may not have the longevity of its namesake, but it will certainly last you a number of years if cared for properly. There are bigger and more spacious bags on the market, but only Wilson’s can tout the name and prestige of the 20-time Grand Slam victor. 

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