Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack Review

The Pro Staff franchise presents its Super Tour backpack to add to the family of products that we’ve come to know and love from Wilson. The simplicity of the all-black design does not aim to stand out or catch your eye the way the Roger Federer DNA line might. Instead, the bag stands out with how practical and easy it is to carry from home to court. The bag can follow you to school or work before going to practice without requiring much storage space or raising the eyebrows that a 12-pack bag might do when it’s outside of the tennis sphere. 

The Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack is a nice compact product that has the room and compartments to store all your necessary equipment. The smooth black design will look fresh on your back without commanding attention.

Table of Contents


Dimensions: 12”L x 9”W x 18.5”H
Racket Capacity: 2 Rackets
Compartments: 2 Main Compartments
Pockets: 2 Side Pockets and 1 Front Ventilated Pocket

Storage Capacity

The Pro Staff backpack has enough space to store the necessities on your way to and from the court, as well as being practical to carry around with you in your off-court life. The bag’s racket compartment has space for two rackets to fit comfortably, and the padded back means that you won’t be feeling the frame of the rackets while you have the bag secured on your back.

The main storage compartment features a padded panel perfect for a laptop or tablet if you have to go to school or work before practice. Also in the main storage compartment is a smaller back pocket great for fitting some of your personal essentials. The compartment has sufficient space for balls, a change of clothes, and a few other accessories. 

The front of the bag is a large ventilated pocket perfect for storing your shoes and/or your clothes post-match. Keeping this pocket separate from the main compartment allows the unpleasant odor of your tennis gear to avoid the rest of your belongings. The ventilation also helps your gear breathe and reduce any mold build-up should you forget to air out your bag after practice.

Lastly, the bag has two exterior side pockets adding storage for some of your smaller items. One of these pockets has a thermal lining, great for keeping a water bottle or snacks cool while your bag sits on the side court. The other side pocket is not thermally lined but is a good spot for your wallet, keys, phone, or other personal items. 


As with all Wilson products, we can expect this bag to be well made from quality material that is built to last. This bag features a polyester shell fabric with a polyurethane coating that will keep your equipment safe and secure while in transit. The exterior design of the bag is a perfect complement to the Pro Staff rackets. As well, the backpack straps feature a red and yellow heritage nod to the Pro Staff line – a subtle but nice touch.

The zippers of the racket compartment lock in place once you’ve zipped them up to the handle of your rackets. There’s no need to worry about the compartment re-opening while it’s on your back and exposing your prized possessions.

The backpack has ample padding for maximum comfort as well as an adjustable sternum strap for added support. The bag can be hung from locker room hooks using the webbing loop atop the bag. 

Final Thoughts

The Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack is the perfect accompaniment to your Pro Staff rackets if you don’t need to carry more than two to the court. The storage compartments and pockets give you the space to carry the essentials with you wherever your day takes you. The padded laptop/tablet pocket is a great addition if you have to go to class or work before you can start trading groundstrokes. 

Having a dedicated, ventilated pocket is always a nice touch so that your sweaty gear can keep to itself and not mingle with the other contents of your bag. The thermal lining of the external side pocket is ideal for keeping a drink cold on a hot summer day. 

In sum, this bag is a great option for hauling your gear to practices or matches in a smooth, compact package. Being able to comfortably rest on your back and store your tennis essentials, the Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff Backpack is a premium backpack option, and a welcome addition to the already renowned Pro Staff line.

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